Our family could not have made it through this difficult time in our lives without Stephanie's constant support, compassion and excellent advice. With Stephanie as our partner, we were able to find the perfect place for our son. We are all forever grateful. - Lisa, NYC
From the bottom of my heart I'm for ever grateful to you. You helped me so much. I feel like there are so many other families out there like ours that could benefit from you. - Michelle, Westchester, NY
—we always speak so highly of you—you really helped us so much at a very difficult, critical & pivotal time in our lives—we appreciate all you've done. - Paige, Long Island, NY
I want to thank you for all you do. I feel you go above and beyond. Can’t thank you enough. I have a secure feeling knowing you’re there. - Diane, Long Island, NY
I must say that I continue to be grateful for the opportunity Tim has to be at... and the work you did in making that happen. Working with you was a blessing and you were worth your weight in gold! If you ever want a testimonial or something like that for your website, please let me know!... You literally changed his life through your work and I can’t say enough about that. I also appreciate your continued interest and support. - Sean, NYC
We want to again thank you for all your work and support through this process. From the first phone call, you were compassionate, knowledgeable and willing to share what we needed to know to begin this long, hard, necessary journey on behalf of our daughter. We so appreciate the two excellent placements you found that were a hand -in- glove fit for S. - Beth, Westchester, NY
Good thinking Stephanie. You are so always on the ball. 24/7. I truly appreciate having you at this crazy painful unsure and worrisome time is my life. You are truly so dedicated to what you do. Helping in anyway and with everything, just a phone call away. I thank you so very much. - Mila, NJ
I am so glad I hired you. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name. Thanks!! - Valerie, CT
Your dedication and integrity are inspiring. - Rebecca, NYC
Thanks Stephanie! You're such a sharp and caring advocate!! - Therapist, Wilderness Program
Also just want to say that I’m so grateful for you. You are such a huge resource to so many parents. You’re very unique and exceptional at your job. - Admissions Director, Residential Program