Getting Started


A Guide For Parents

There are hundreds of different schools and programs for adolescents or young adults, each with a potentially different ideal student, therapeutic focus, graduation goal, methodological technique or basic style. To visit all of them would take months if not years of time.

We have invested the time and the effort. We have visited and toured programs across the country. We regularly meet with program admissions directors, therapists and academic staff to keep up-to-date on the scope, focus and methods that they each employ. Sure, for your particular child, only a limited number of these programs is potentially a good fit, but we have already done the hard work of learning about them, so that we can quickly and efficiently help you to focus your inquiry on good choices. And our ongoing relationships with the programs enable us to quickly reach out to promising programs to get answers to specific questions, and to facilitate introductions to your family, and coordinate opportunities for you to visit and tour programs that are likely to be a good fit for you.


When Is It Time To Stop And Ask Directions?

If you have gotten this far, it’s probably time to speak to us. Our initial consultation is always at no charge, and you should expect to finish your first conversation with us with a clear idea of the things you should consider before deciding to explore finding a program for your child.

Experience has shown that, more often than not, parents wait too long before beginning this process. Although there are always options available for a young person of any age, even those beyond the age of majority, it is a fact that there is a much broader range of options available if the planning process begins when the child first begins to demonstrate a need for a new academic or therapeutic setting.

Give us a call. We will equip you with the necessary basic knowledge of this unfamiliar world so that you can be sure to ask the right questions of those you trust with your child. And when you are ready to go further and look at finding a fit for them, we will be here to help.


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From the bottom of my heart I'm for ever grateful to you. You helped me so much. I feel like there are so many other families out there like ours that could benefit from you. - Michelle, Westchester, NY