Stephanie Crossman, J.D.

A lifelong native of New York City, Stephanie Crossman is a veteran at navigating complex educational issues and decisions, having counselled parents for years concerning private school, public school, and therapeutic program choices. After obtaining her undergraduate degree from The Johns Hopkins University, and her law degree from Boston University, she returned to New York where she raised three children of her own, in addition to holding varied positions concerning education, shelter, and basic needs of those in her community. Eventually, her parent-advisory efforts focused almost entirely on assisting families to find solutions to the most difficult situations – circumstances with adolescents and young adults in crisis, dependency or developmental difficulties. Ultimately, Stephanie decided to commit her efforts entirely to helping struggling adolescents and young adults to find their personal path to success. Out of Stephanie’s commitment to finding not just any solution, but the best solution for each child and young adult's needs, Crossman Educational Consulting was born.

Our Method

In order to present the best set of treatment options for each family, Stephanie regularly travels around the country visiting programs, getting to know clinical staff, administrators, residential staff and teachers. She also frequently attends conferences where she learns about the latest developments in residential treatment and meets and builds relationships with professionals from around the country. In the context of this vast body of continually evolving knowledge Crossman Educational Consulting carefully evaluates all available information on each client, consults with all professionals who have worked with the child and family, and analyzes all of the choices. Then based on various considerations of the family, and in consultation with program staff and clinicians, we come up with a small selection of options for the family.

Stephanie decided to commit her efforts entirely to helping struggling adolescents and young adults to find their personal path out of trouble and back to success.

As the parent of a child who struggled during high school and then went on to successfully graduate from boarding school and college, Stephanie knows first hand how complicated it can be to find just the right match for a child and knows how many factors contribute to making a decision like this and how overwhelming they are. She will help you consider all of them, balance them, and arrive at a productive solution. When visiting therapeutic programs, Stephanie asks herself, “Could I see my child here?” or “Would I feel comfortable sending my child here?” Only if the answer is “Yes”, will she ever recommend a program to a family.


Stephanie Crossman, J.D.

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We always speak so highly of you—you really helped us so much at a very difficult, critical & pivotal time in our lives—we appreciate all you’ve done. - Paige, Long Island, NY